Matteo Berna
Matteo Berna is a freelance visual artist currently based in Sydney. Born in Italy, Matteo studied Architecture at the Politecnico of Milan but has since been working as a freelance artist specialising in portraits and watercolour.
For 7 years, Matteo travelled throughout Europe working and exhibiting his art in Spain and Italy. He moved to Sydney in 2013, which is now his home. He currently resides and works in the Inner West where his distinguished colourful work can be found in a number of local galleries, cafes and markets.
Influenced by the culture and environment around him and inspired by the people he has met during his travels, Matteo’s work is organic, versatile and bold. His favourite subject to paint is life form, he captures the personality, movement and beauty so well. He experiments with different styles and techniques through various media such as paper, canvas, plexiglass and digital media. By far, Matteo’s favourite medium to use is watercolour. It allows him to paint in a more spontaneous way and he loves the unpredictable and random results it creates.
Matteo runs a store most Saturdays at Sydney markets, and is also available to do commissions and exhibitions. You can contact him at or on Facebook at Matteo Berna Art.
Jessica Gamble
Jessica Gamble was born in Sydney, Australia and has been painting for over 5 years. Her art consists predominantly of an abstract style in mixed media and acrylic on canvas. Her work is a commentary on our consumer driven society that constantly wants more and wants it now. In contrast to this cultural more, Jessica has been experimenting with using less and less paint. This minimalist approach allows us the opportunity to sit in the white space and connect. She is exploring her own resistance to the amount of white on the canvas yet feels how this white grants us a landing space to sit in the nothingness. Her work provokes reflection on the purpose and direction or lack there of in our lives highlighting the interaction between our cellular and our metaphysical existence. Jessica attempts to abandon ego, allowing herself to simply be a vehicle of expression. She enjoys a free flowing unconstrained relationship with the paint, challenging her need to have a plan and trusting that the artwork itself will impulse her and lead her more deeply into the process. Through line, shape, texture and colour she has created a unique abstract style that reflects her personal alchemy and provides a creative avenue for expression and healing.
Ramy has worked as a photographer for 14 years. Currently based in Sydney, he has also worked in Europe and the USA. His work has consisted of magazine editorials, jewellery and fashion campaigns, and portraiture.Having lived and travelled overseas extensively, he was immersed in extremely diverse cultures from a very young age. His work is inspired by people, and their differences, and constantly fuelled by travel, and the belief that we are all the same; wherever we’re from, whatever language we speak.In his commercial work, Ramy endeavors to create results that exceed clients’ expectations. Small details, and finding beauty in the unexpected, are at the heart of his personal work. He has been creating personal work since studying Fine Arts, and has exhibited his work in numerous shows.
Sarah Yee
Sarah studied at the St George School of Fine Art and primarily focuses on depicting the human form in various mediums. Her background as a Registered Nurse has influenced her work in regards to anatomy and the hidden psychological issues many people have. She has exhibited in many group exhibitions and had a solo show in October, 2013. In 2013 she won the People’s Choice award for an International Women’s day event at TAP Gallery and the City of Botany Bay Photography Award for the Professional Category.
Louise Cullen
Studied full time at National Art School East Sydney in 59/60. Graphic artist for 30 years, specialising in design.Studied portraiture at Julian Ashton Art School.Have sold many portrait painting = commissions.Studied with Alan Moir [correspondence] in cartoon work, resulting in having cartoons published in the Law Reform Magazine.2013. Two Exhibitions at the Ensemble Theatre.2012. Winner of the Kirribilli Art Prize, and People’s Choice award.2011. Acquisition by North Sydney Council of my painting “St Thomas’ Rest Park”.Hung in the Mosman art prize. Cullen Exhibition at North Sydney.


Leon Stejko
Leon Stejko was born in Kiev, Ukraine. He obtained a PHD in Material Science at the Kiev Polytechnic University. He moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, when he was invited to work as a visiting Professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.  While in Rio, he began freelancing as a Magazine Illustrator and Designer. He later moved to New Zealand to further develop his career as a Designer, Illustrator and Art Director. He finally moved to Sydney in 2006, which is now his home, with his wife and daughter.
Life experience, multinational background, love of the arts (theatre, photography, architecture) and in particular, paintings (Abstract and Expressionist), has led Leon to express his artistic passion through a combination of acrylic paintings and digital print media. His works have been developed over the past 15 years and each have a unique motivation. Leon uses primary colours on contrasting backgrounds to create dynamic compositions of moving colours.If you are interested in purchasing or seeing more of Leon’s art, please make contact via email————
Ngoc Nguyen
I graduated from National Art School, Sydney in 2009 and am currently undertaking Master of Art in Drawing at College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales. I work mostly with photography and recently installation. Inspired by my own experiences of being in different cultures, my work is often concerned with the ideas of displacement and identity. My recent work engages with audience in site-specific installation as this explores the term out of place physically and mentally in terms of cultural dimensions.My ongoing project is engaged with jelly as a medium to work with. My first attempt using jelly in my work was during my Artist in Residence at Queen Street Studios in Chippendale in 2011 as an inspiration of my childhood memories, the nostalgia and our fragility in our surroundings. My aim was to evoke the ephemerality and the fleeting nature of life not only through what is depicted in the work but the artwork itself as only a photograph of jelly is presented as final work.My exploration and experiment with jelly has been developed further during my study at COFA as it has gone from being drawn on a flat surface to sculptural objects, still life and abstract painting-like. Colours, forms and shapes are essential elements in my work as I am interested in the interrelationships incur between them. These encounters sometimes are meant to tell a story, a memory or an act of remembering and also a response to the past. And at another time, they are just themselves alone and the meaning of the work will be made upon the way viewers look at it and add a response to it.“[My lines] realize that maybe it is better to be a little tame and a little wild. With that they may reach a harmonious balance…and manage to create their own world. A world which has no boundaries barring them from going on the other side…a world which is full of happiness and joy…so they try, but, that is real hard so they try again, and again…and life goes on…maybe one day they will arrive somewhere”-Sheila Makjijani————

Blake Lawrence
Blake Lawrence is a local photographer interested in exploring the dual worlds of the introspective and the expansive. His work often skips between wide-open landscapes, expressive portraiture and the exploration of the miniature natural world. He works spontaneously and instantaneously, shooting most of his work on an iPhone and utilizing a suite of apps to create vivid and often psychedelic examinations of the physical and spiritual environment around him. As an avid traveler his photos yield from his explorations of the Australian landscape, as well as abroad in Indonesia, Cambodia and other parts of South East Asia. Much love, joy and————

Candyss Crosby
Candyss Crosby is an artist with deep affinity and respect for the landscape and our environment. This passion lends both intensity and emotion to her work which goes far beyond simple representation. Her connection with the land becomes an inward journey, where memory and creative process reshapes the external experience, allowing the paint, memory and inner sight to spontaneously create new colours, textures and lines in the “inner landscape” that then evolves.These canvasses rarely represent specific locations, but rather convey the mood and spirit of places and seek to evoke emotion and contemplation. This is achieved by the use of more intensified colour or texture than occurs in reality, or through the employ of certain markings, patterns and shapes, a recurring theme in her work.Candyss has exhibited in many galleries and events, both nationally and internationally and her contemporary art can be found in both corporate and private collections and she is currently immersed in creating a new series that will excite and challenge. Candyss’s work can be viewed at her warehouse studio Balgowlah near Bunnings or her new retail gallery store in Balgowlah, Candyss Crosby Gallery, Northern Beaches in Sydney.I want to re-create the feeling of openness and expansiveness that I experience when I’m out in the middle of nowhere – just the sky, the earth under my feet and me,” she says. “I seem so small and at one with it all. I want people who view my work to be lifted into the space, to share similar experience and feeling.”See more of her work at her website———–